Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission Statement

“Our culturally diverse staff is dedicated to
providing exceptional healthcare, focused on promoting
dignity and quality of life for those we serve”

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy reflects the values that are inherent in our mission. Our mission of caring is focused on the human being – the whole person, which includes the psychological, social, physical, and spiritual needs of our clients. We provide our clients with kindness and leadership so that they can accept their personal aging process, be at ease with themselves, and be able to understand this phase of their lives.

We strive to encourage all of our clients to reach with themselves, and live their lives with dignity and self-acceptance. Each day, we restore and reaffirm their self-esteem and personal dignity. As a guest in their home, it is our responsibility to provide for their needs and to encourage them to be vitally involved in their daily lives.

Each life is an evolution! Through our dedication and service, we play a significant and meaningful role in our clients’ well-being. We believe that our success and our clients’ success are possible only through the shared values and attitude of the people who choose to be part of the Careage Home Health team.

Careage Home Health believes that we develop these shared values and attitudes through our mission. We strive to demonstrate to every person who works with us that our mission is more than words. Our mission is a way of life. We provide consistency in practice, recognition of individual dignity, knowledge of the total person, realization of where our services fit into life’s evolution and finally, the dedication to allow all clients the right to be themselves.